My Info- اطلاعات

My Short Autobiography

Tehran, Iran
Now I am 53 years old.
I am a writer of IT news, translator, salesman of an IT product. I am still a teacher of English, Translator and Writer of 5 books. Others will be written in the future.
My Sister lives in the UK and so does my godmother and I love both of them.
It's always been very difficult for me to express myself. You could say I never had any training or education in that regard. I think my life has been really difficult and I've made quite a few achievements while everything in the past was a setback. I think the same goes for my sister too. Let me give credit where it applies. The same goes for my godmother.
Well, I went to the UK when I was 10 with my sister.
We lived with our mother there. I didn't know English. I wanted to be back in Iran.
So we began living in a new environment and a new life.
I was in a daze until I came back to Iran. It was like my life was a long drawn out dream.
I suppose I have never talked a lot. Me and Ramesh hardly spoke anyway because we were never close from childhood. We are close now.
My high school was Oswestry, in the North of England. I then went to Northop College of Horticulture.
After this I returned to Iran and began teaching and doing a number of odd jobs.
I have been teaching for over 30 years now. I have been translating for a long time and worked in a number of companies.
Life has been hard but I have survived so far.